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Why Collaborative Learning is the Next Phase of LMS eLearning

Almost all LMSs focus primarily on administrators, not learners. It's top-down by default. And who loves top-down anything? No one.

caroline solis

Caroline Solis

Product Marketing Director, 360Learning

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How Harry’s Decentralize L&D with Self-Directed and Collaborative Learning

I sat down with Rachel Peck, Director of L&D at Harry’s, to talk about her tips for keeping keeping even the most enthusiastic learners engaged and stimulated.

Jonah Goldstein

Head of Learning, 360Learning

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The L&D Case for Peer Training: 3 Unignorable Reasons to Make the Switch

Traditional training is slow, expensive, and values compliance over learning outcomes. When companies default to this model, L&D departments feel like they’re on a hamster wheel, sprinting but getting nowhere. Here are 3 reasons to switch to peer training.


Audrey Jarre

Team Lead, Learning Engagement Coach

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What Are Learning Management Systems, and How do you Choose One?

What are Learning Management Systems, and How do you Choose One?

There are a gazillion types of LMSs on the market. Here's EVERYTHING you need to know before picking the best one for your needs.



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The Right Way to do a Training Needs Analysis

You've been doing it wrong.

Sophie Agosta

VP Strategy & Operations, 360Learning

Inside 360
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Onboarding Joei | Week #13, The review (part 2)

All good things come to an end.

Nicolas Merlaud

360Studio, 360Learning

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How 360Learning uses Trello for Collaboration

Collaboration is baked into our workflows, and it’s all run on Trello.

Amanda Rollins

Brand & Content Manager, 360Learning

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Self-Educating on Black Lives Matter

Our mission as a company is to drive impactful learning for change. And that starts with us.

Joei Chan

Content Director, 360Learning

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How COVID-19 Fired up the Transition to Collaborative Learning at Work

Our way of working has changed, and so should our way of learning.

Liam Boogar-Azoulay

Brand Director, 360Learning

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How We Use Peer Learning to Keep Our Company’s Competitive Edge

We don’t just preach the benefits of collaborative learning—we live them.

Nicholas Wagner

VP HR, 360Learning

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Runners in V shape on the trackfield

Why You Should Transform Your Sales Training with Collaborative Learning

By injecting collaborative learning into your sales training, you're setting up your employees for success from day one.

Claire Brenner

Content Marketing Manager, G2

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4 Benefits Of Collaborative Learning, Backed By Science & Psychology

Online training has a lot of great benefits and one major disadvantage: It can be very isolating. Here's a solution.

Alex Kinney

IO Psychologist & Learning Advisor, 360Learning